ASIC, ACCC and APRA need to be dismantled states Denise Brailey

Paul Klerck agrees that Australia needs to wake up, why do we need to leave reform to one person, we are being sold out, taken for a row and when a lady like Denise Brailey says we need to dismantle ASIC, ACCC and APRA she is bloody well right. All ASIC are good for is collecting money and if the ACCC were doing their job we would not see the monopoly known as Coles and Woolworths that continue to put smaller retailers out of business, whilst the screw Australian farmers to the wall.

Denise states, Yes ASIC have plenty of laws but were as a matter of culture there to “protect the markets.” They adopted a non enforcement of law approach and decriminalised criminal behaviour. ASIC, ACCC and APRA need to be dismantled. AFP need to be ordered to move in. No, on second thought victims were fobbed off by the AFP. Bring in the Army. A few hand cuffs would be required. email your support to ASIC, by reckless neglect , created the sub prime crisis and property bubble.

Paul Klerck agrees that the Australian banking industry is full of fat get rich pigs and the are all being protected by government bodies, the same bodies that are meant to protect the people and consumers. The big banks in this country are forcing middle class Australians to the wall with massive credit card debt, interest rate reductions that never get passed on and loans approved when quite clearly they should have never been approved.

Australia is going to the shit people because we are over governed by pen pushing, bullshit policy making peanuts that not only lack intelligence but they also lack morals and integrity just like the banking industry.

I was reading Denise Brailey’s blog and have to agree with what Gabby wrote:

Hm, yes, it feels like the markets are a house of cards.
I am puzzled about the reported profits in banking.
Economic activity is slowing and has been for a long time, business lending is down, business investment is down, housing is down, lending for housing is down.
Where do the massive profits come from?
How can our major banks be bigger than all of those in Europe together? “Well Gabby, it is called greed and the greedy are being protected, that is how, but trust me over time the greedy always get what they deserve in the long run. Real Australians will stand up and have a voice if we all make a decision to stand up as a united front. The banks operate nothing more than Ponzi schemes. Just imagine if all account holders withdrew all their money at once, the banks would be broke they could not trade because they would have nothing to trade with. The banks are a bloody joke and nothing more than criminals protected by ASIC, ACCC and APRA”.

Then I read Neil Toplis comment and once again must agree:  

Neil wrote: ASIC today remind me of the bad old days when J Edgar Hoover ran the F.B.I. They are a law unto themselves and live in a world of deceit, lies and misinformation. They live in their ivory tower and heap scorn onto anyone who dares challenge them. When ever you see the likes of Medcraft, Day or Kell they speak with an air of arrogance because us mere mortals can’t understand the complexities of how ASIC functions. They have established the EDR’s so they don’t have to get their hands dirty and still remain good mates with their banker buddies. We need an old style French revolution where the peasants rise up and take back the country, and I know quite a few who would have a date with Madame Guillotine, I can still dream and thats one thing they can’t take away from me.

Oh so true Neil I was sent this link today from a very good friend of mine, it is about the US and if you watch this 6 minute video you will see why Australia is not far away. Good old One World movement working everywhere we turn, but these filthy pigs forget that the Queen Bee cant survive without her worker bees. I think we all dream of an Australia that once was. An Australia that was not over taxed, an Australia that allowed a mother to stay at home and be a mother. We are loosing our voice but have not yet lost our voice. Wake up Australia it is time for reform, change, honesty in government and our banking industry.

Neil your comments on Denise Brailey’s blog have also been endorsed by other Australians like Lisa who wrote:

That’s the truth, Neil.
I don’t know anyone in business who enjoys dealing with ASIC.
They obstruct the path of justice and then take the credit for any gains, or spin losses to sound like gains.
Sens. Williams and Cameron could try asking Kell closed questions that only require yes no answers.
If that fails, sending him a multiple choice questionnaire may assist in clarifying ASIC habitual mindset of superior complexity.
It’s like Monty Python meets Yes Minister. Unfortunately people’s lives and livelihoods depend on getting this right.
“Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius — and a lot of courage — to move in the opposite direction.” – Albert Einstein.

People of Australia, take a stand march on your local councils, state and federal government door steps and say NO we have had enough. We don’t need to put up with this bullshit any longer. As an united Australia can make the rules and policies we all want to live by, not dictated.

Paul Klerck says make a stand follow Denise Brailey very closely because for the past two decades, Ms Brailey has been a tireless campaigner, championing the cause of older and low income Australians who have fallen victims to banking and finance scams.  Residing in a quiet rural town in Western Australia, people have made contact via email and letters from all over Australia and New Zealand.

As a dedicated consumer advocate, Ms Brailey gathered a team of helpers together in order to assist many victims of white collar crime, particularly in the banking, finance and mortgage broking sector.  She empowered consumers to fight back and recover lost funds, when the odds of success against powerful institutions, unsympathetic regulators and rogue white collar criminals appeared insurmountable.

Initially, in 1993, Ms Brailey commenced a series of investigations into property scams. However, she realized a long held dream of a formal education, and commenced studies at the age of 45. During this journey, she assisted a number of consumers to recover losses totaling $1 million.  During this time she continued her studies.

“Over 11 Inquiries have been held in several Parliaments throughout Australia due to Ms Brailey’s continued efforts”

And now Australians have the opportunity to be heard loud and clear through the Australian Voice Party.


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