Immeasurably Great Infinity Pool by Precision Pool Builders Queensland

The infinity pool is a style of swimming pool designed to produce a visual effect of water extending into infinity. To achieve this infinity swimming pools are often built into properties that back onto another body of water, that is a river, lake or ocean, to appear as if vanishing into the horizon. The concept of the infinity pool is said to have originated in Indonesia where terraced rice paddies create this dramatic effect of never-ending water.

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Infinity:  Immeasurably great.

The Infinity pool is designed like a regular pool, although many are geometric and symmetrical in design. Most infinity pools have one edge of the pool overflowing into a catch basin on a lower elevation. The height difference between the upper pool and the catch basin increases the effectiveness of the illusion. The catch basin and overflow wall can become an attractive water feature in many multi-level and split-level properties.

Although there are many different themes and designs of infinity pools and entertainment areas the expansive nature of the infinity illusion often creates a reflective ambiance to the pool area. A simplistic, contemporary theme compliments the openness of the infinity pool concept. White stone, metals and glass enclosures with clean, crisp lines create the ultimate relaxation outdoor room. The simplistic beauty and design of a Precision Pool Queensland Infinity Pool will increase the value of your home and lifestyle.

An infinity pool is built using two circulation systems. The first filtered the pool as it would a regular geometric or oval pool. The second system known as the “edge system” filters the water in the catch basin at the base of the overflowing edge and returns it to the upper pool. When installing an infinity pool, ensure you contract professional pool builders with experience in infinity pool installation so the size of your catch basin and filter pumps are appropriate to the design of the pool. Failure to install the correct edge-system will affect the balance of water in both pools and cause problems with the foundations of the pool and the property.

The benefits of a Queensland infinity pool are unlimited. Contact the professional pool builders at Precision Pools Queensland, who have expert experience in infinity pool installation and design. For more information visit

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