TurbochargersPlus Gold Coast – Affordable replacement Turbochargers for all makes & models.

Welcome to TurbochargersPlus Gold Coast, Australia.

Are you after Quality, Affordable Aftermarket Turbochargers
and Electric Stepper Motors?
We have a great range & ship nation wide, and also offer low cost shipping to New Zealand.
Whether replacing an OEM Garrett Turbocharger,
IHI, Hitachi, KKK or BorgWarner Turbocharger. Or looking for a turbo replacement for a Nissan Patrol,
Nissan Navara,
Toyota Hilux, Toyota LandCruiser, Prado,
Ford Ranger, Holden Rodeo or Holden Captiva,
Hyundai iLoad or Mazda CX7.
We have a turbo that will fit and at a very affordable price. Additionally, you will be covered by our 2 Year Warranty!.
Our after-market turbos match the exact specs of the original unit, so you can be confident in swapping out your old Garrett or IHI with a quality, VSR computer-balanced replacement.
Or inquire about our direct fit Stage 1, Ceramic or High Flow Billet upgrade turbochargers for even more performance for less price.
Call Us today on: 0490 059 316 or visit: Turbochargers Plus Australia.

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