Google Apps

Google Apps

Internet Marketer offers your business the opportunity to streamline your work flow by joining the Google Applications System. Synchronize your Android Phone, iPhone, iPad, Laptop and Desktop with all your Calendars, Emails and Contacts. Using the backing power of Google infrastructure, we can provide the perfect communications solutions from small business to large scale offices making sure all your employees have the latest technology to keep them in touch with their clients.

Google Apps allows your calendars between your mobile devices, other colleagues and is accessible from any internet connection in the world. Have your emails pushed to your device then filtered for spam using industry leading hardware and software provided by Google’s massive infrastructure technology systems. Keep all your contacts synchronized between your mobile phone and computer using the power of Google’s Cloud Technology making sure you never forget any clients contact details.

Google Applications is the most secure, efficient and effective way to organize your email accounts, contact addresses and calendars. It also comes within the reassurance that all your data is Continually Backed Up, has a 99.9% Service Level Agreement and many other services such as Online Collaboration Documents (Google Docs), Internal Websites (Google Sites), Colleague Chat including Video Conferencing (Google Talk) and many more Add-Ons available from the Google Market Place.

Get in touch with Internet Marketers solutions team today on 1300 663 664 to talk about your options to switch over to Google Apps.

Gmail icon Gmail including Instant Inbox Search, Email Archiving and Syncing between all your Devices

Google Calendar icon Calendar including collaborate between colleagues, online access and syncs with iCal (iPhone)

Google Docs icon Docs provides online Spreadsheet, Writing and Presentation tools to collaborate between colleagues

Google Sites icon Sites includes many templates to Drag & Drop content such as Images, Text, Videos and Spreadsheets into an internal website for your employees or clients

Google Talk Talk allows Video/Audio and Text based chat abilities to both your team of employees and clients