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When it comes to concrete coatings what gives you the best seamless floor coating? Well for many years we have been limited to just one type of concrete coating this being epoxy flooring and don’t get me wrong for many years they have been bringing the bling to Aussie homes and businesses, because they can transform cold ugly concrete into something Hollywood but apart from the looks what further benefits does epoxy flooring provide. NOTHING!. Epoxy coatings will yellow, peel, fade, blister and crack but more importantly be warned of the toxins associated unfortunately epoxy is a slow process to put down a standard double garage would take approx. 3 to 4 days if being done correctly. So apart from heavy toxic toxins that will linger in your home or business fro years not weeks or months.

icoat driveway coating

So what options are there? iCoat is superior coating technology that is low voc and will not yellow, peel, fade, blister or crack in fact iCoat give you a written guarantee that fully guarantees the integrity of the product and installation in all home, business, commercial and industrial installations.

Now apart from all the wear and tear is there anymore benefits? Yes the installation is fast walk on in 3 hours and heavy traffic in 24 hours and the cost is very competitive with traditional old school heavy toxic epoxies.

So it is easy to see for yourself that a poly aspartic, poly urea coating is a far better alternative than traditional epoxy in colour range, styles, toxin levels and longevity. Give the iCoat Garage Force team a call today to see how the can transform the ordinary to the extraordinary.

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