What is Internet Marketing?

Internet Marketing is a process of incorporating knowledge and expertise into a web presence. Internet Marketing is a process of exploring every possible avenue to get your name, your services, your products or your brands known to potential customers through every channel possible.

Internet Marketing these days incorporates many different promotional and media channels – the name says it all. So lets look at Internet Marketing a little closer.

Internet marketing is associated with several business models:

E-Commerce: this is where goods are sold directly to consumers this is known as business to consumers (B2C) or in some cases e-commerce businesses may just deal business to business (B2B).

Lead Generating Websites: many coompanies and business owners generate value by acquiring sales leads from their websites or special sales letter websites set up by online SEO specialists like SEO Furnace.

Affiliate Marketing is a when a product or service developed by one entity (e-commerce business, single person, or a combination) is sold by other active sellers for a share of the profits. The entity of the product may provide some marketing material (sales letters, affiliate link, advertising banners, sales tracking software). These days most affiliate marketing relationships come from online shops, e-commerce businesses that offer affiliate programs. Most e-commerce busines are willing to offer very generous commissions on sales generated via third party websites, as they earn the customers details and future business.

Local Internet Marketing or geo-location marketing, through which a small company uses the Internet to find and nurture relationships, are to be used for real-world advantage. Local Internet Marketers use tools such as social media marketing, Twitter, Facebook, article posts, blogs and local directory listings as well as targeted online sales promotions methods.

In summary Internet Marketing is a process of evaluating and combining several methods to generate and grow online business.

Internet Marketer is the right choice for Internet marketing for all businesses – small, medium and large.

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