Welcome to Internet Marketer

Welcome to Internet Marketer, Internet Marketing Specialists.

At Internet Marketer we do not test unproven theories on our client’s websites – we work with proven Internet Marketing techniques that work.

We work closely with our associated business partners InfoLink IT and Website Promotion, to provide our clients with effective web design services, SEO solutions and professional Internet marketing strategies.

What many Internet marketers fail to understand is that the internet these days is a cohesive marketing world full of opportunities; however, with opportunity also comes major competition. High rewards are available if you are willing to put some effort in, assign a budget and put in some hours. Success will happen when motivation and focus remain strong. Further to this, you must assign a budget for SEO and Internet marketing.

At Internet Marketer we are frequently asked, ‘how can we make more money from our online business?’ and ‘how can we grow our online business?’ Well just like Rome, nothing was built in a day. We all read success stories of online businesses like Amazon, and think to ourselves ‘I would love to do this as well’. Well, why not?

Now here is the reality – it took Amazon over 5 years to make money.

“What few people understood was that the reason that they didn’t make money, was that for the previous five years, every time there was a trade-off between making more money or growing faster, they grew faster,” says Hanauer, whose $40,000 investment in Amazon was once valued at $250 million, “It wasn’t that there weren’t lots of opportunities to make money. It was just that they had consciously foregone those opportunities to reach scale and make it impossible to duplicate what we had done.

Unfettered by the rules of the old economy – that all profits drive stock value – Amazon.com Inc. was the poster child for the new Internet economy with its dynamic business model, young chief executive and highly valued stock. But when the technology bubble burst, the company quickly morphed from poster child into punching bag, an example of Internet economics and excess.

Unlike many of its e-commerce counterparts, however, Amazon survived”.

This is a prime example of having targets and keeping to a game plan where focus and motivation remain on track. Do not become de-railed; you cannot approach Internet marketing with a half hearted frame of mind. It is just not enough to put a website up and hope for the best. The old mind set of “if I build it they will come” just isn’t sufficient. One must approach Internet marketing with a robust and comprehensive strategy, and commit to following through with that strategy. Not following your strategy will see your dollars disappear fast. Once they are lost forever, you will have wasted yours and everyone else’s time when no-one will find your website and as a result, never make a sale.

Enough of the negative warnings, we need to talk about the safety the success of solid Internet marketing strategies will deliver for you and your business. SUCCESS is achieved when a strong plan and strategy is implemented into a website moving forward program.

At Internet Marketer we now realise and can demonstrate our services and previous success cases so then you can make an educated decision to move forward. However, keep in mind Internet Marketer does not take on every client. We meet with you first, evaluate your website and discuss your expectations and the budget needed to achieve them. If we can see your online project has merit we will put together an Internet marketing strategy inclusive of the following services:

  • Internet Marketing Summary
  • Web Design Review
  • Web Design Development
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Article Writing
  • Blog Posting
  • Twitter Activation
  • YouTube Activation
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Bookmarking

Internet Marketer is the right choice for Internet marketing for all businesses, small, medium and large.

If you are ready to take the next step towards online success we are ready to talk with you today. Call the team of Internet marketing specialists at Internet Marketer on 1300 663 664.

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