SammyDress Pay Pal Consumer Warning Poor Sizes Quality Don’t Get Caught Out


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paypal payment merchant scammers



If you are considering shopping online with think twice and if you do and think you are protected by Pay Pal customer buyer protection WRONG, they do not give a stuff about you. I tried time and time again to have my matter resolved for some clothing I purchased from SammyDress mens shirts sizes 4 XL and 5 XL all sizes were equal to XL they would not even fit my wife a size 8 to 10 in ladies.

When I contacted them not once but several times they failed to respond or reply, eventually they did and their requests of measuring each piece of clothing and taking photos of the pieces on and off the body were ridiculous. Quite clearly this company is a scam, they make out they are professional clothing manufacturers and suppliers of quality clothing and jewellery but they are nothing more than a dumping drop zone for poorly tailored manufactured crap they call clothing.

Now here comes Pay Pal to the rescue NOT they are liars despite them saying I need to send allotters back along with postage tracking advice and send them proof so they would refund me my original purchase price they have not. There consultant said Paul get the gear to the post office send it back take some photos of this and proof of postage and email it to us and the email address I am sending you then I will refund your purchase amount and then $45 for postage this is the maximum despite it costing far more to send the items back.

Pay Pal are liars they do not honour what they say they will do so I am now going to blog this toward people about both and Pay Pal’s poor standards and lack of consumer protection and credibility I will also by lodging a complaint with the ASIC The ¬†Australian Securities Commission and Consumer Affairs.

Pay Pal need to understand that they need to abide by the same laws as other financial institutes they are not above the laws that are put in place to protect consumers not reject consumers.

Make no mistake Pay Pal only protect the merchants not the consumer they are a con and misrepresent themselves on all levels, a total rip off financial institution that takes pride on ripping off people all because they think they can.

Well stuff you Pay Pal and or should it be .con as a father of 5 children recovering from a near death experience of brain cancer earlier this year when i was given just 3 months to live at Christmas I have fought hard to survive despite the most darkest days of vail sickness, pain and vulnerability, but I am a fighter and this is why I am going to fight this type of crap so other innocents don’t get scammed by online clothing shop scam merchants and Pay Pal transaction scamming partners.

Here is the first on my manny post and blogs I am publishing about and Pay Pal the scammers online.



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