AIME Strut the Streets Sydney Event December 2010 Whack on your Budgie Smugglers for Charity

Strut the Streets, Sydney’s biggest event this December. Colossal Budgie Smuggler parade is a mounting annual Sydney Event like no other; and one not to be missed. In its second year running, the massive fundraising event will unite Sydney locals and visitors in a parade that bares all. This December 3rd you can Strut the Streets to the Sydney Opera House with hundreds of Sydney-siders who, wearing not much more than the Aussie favourite Budgie Smugglers, will raise money to support indigenous high school kids.

The Sydney event endeavours to do more than simply parade our local talent; it sends an important message to all indigenous school kids who felt they have been held back in their schooling by fear of failure. The Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience (AIME) program is a non-for-profit organisation providing a unique style of education based mentoring for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander school kids. AIME benefits from the contributions of those participating in the giant Budgy Smuggler Parade as well as raising awareness in the hope of expanding the program into more Australian schools.

So if you were looking for something so do on Friday 3rd December in Sydney this event will be sure to shake up your weekend. The team at AIME would love your support so Strut The Streets of Sydney in your very own brand new pair of Budgy Smugglers. Sporting the iconic Australian Swimwear the mass group will parade from Martin Place in Sydney’s CBD to the sunny steps of the Sydney Opera House in a mass of coloured budgie smugglers and tanned Aussie bodies.

Give indigenous kids the opportunity to finish school at the same rate as every other student and support AIME’s Strut The Streets Sydney event. Whether it is at Bondi or at the Sydney Opera House, there really is no better way to enjoy the best of Sydney than in the great Aussie swimsuit.

For more information or to sign for the Budgy Smuggler Parade visit Get involved in this remarkable Sydney event on December 3rd 2010 and support our kids and their future.

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