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Are you looking for the secret to Google Top 10 positioning? Is your business getting maximum exposure by ranking Top 10 of Google and other search engine results? Consumers today conduct all brand research online, making their purchasing decisions based on Top 10 Google results, it is integral that your website is set up right in order to attract relevant search terms on Google. This is real online success. Are you missing out?

Start getting real Google Top 10 positioning today! One of the biggest comments I hear as an SEO, is that my website is failing it does not rank in the TOP 10 of Google. I hear this from desperate, frustrated website owners all the time, I then proceed with a series of questions, and 99% of the time I already know the answer as to why their website is failing. It’s this simple if you run a business with a silent phone number, you can only be contacted by customers that know your phone number. The same applies to your website, if potential customers can’t find you online in the Top 10 it is pretty well all over.

If this sounds like your problem call us on 1300 663 664 or Int + 61 7 55 809 599.

We have so many happy clients that have previously been frustrated, tormented and on the brink of total insanity pouring money into futile marketing campaigns. But once they realise they can do and will do better for less money, to gain natural search ranking, the smiles return. We are focussed on helping you build your business online as it helps us build our business online. Our business is not just website promotion, our business is about you and helping you succeed when you thought you could not.

It is not rocket science it is just good business, do not leave your website any longer. Don’t leave your website SEO to Luck, because Luck does not control search engine indexing. Unfortunately it doesn’t matter if your product is genuinely superior, better value or more affordable – all that matters in the highly competitive world of search engine rankings, is your position on those Top 10 Google results.

Is your website set up right to attract more business? Is it being found under relevant search terms on Google? This is a very real part of real online success. For only $300 our SEO team from Website Promotion will perform a site wide SEO health check across your website to confirm your website’s ability to position well on Google. Included in the health check will be an article release about your business, products or services that will position in the Top 10 natural positioning of Google within 15 minutes of being published. This will quickly demonstrate our SEO abilities. Forget what you have read or heard it is time for real results now.

What does this mean for your website? It demonstrates the network power of Website Promotion the SEO division of InfoLink IT.

At InfoLink IT we do not mess around we get results fast for our clients with more than 2500 website domains under our control we know what works we know how to fix the problems that are causing your positioning headaches. Most people will spend $300 on a night out but fail to see the value in protecting their online business. This is where we can help, you have two choices. You can position well and generate business; or ignore our advice and fail by losing business.

SEO is a science, an expertise and a profession that not only needs talent but ability. The only truth is a result and for only $300 we will perform a site wide SEO health check and SEO report with valuable advice what you choose to do from then on is up to you.

Keep in mind if you read this and you are in a competitive industry maybe you competition is reading this as well we work a loyalty basis with our clients first in first served and serviced. Please do not ask for a FREE SEO report, as we do not provide FREE SEO reports, just results.

Don’t take out word for it, see it for yourself. Here are just a few of our success stories:

  • CoolBreeze Air Conditioner Rentals
  • Flexico Garage Storage Floor and Flooring Industrial Flooring
  • Valley Kit Homes
  • Northcoach Motor Home Parts and Spares
  • Precision Pools Qld
  • Burleigh Pools
  • e-Coat Floor Coatings
  • American Accommodation. Net American Accommodation
  • England Accommodation. Net England Accommodation
  • Port of Brisbane Locksmiths Brisbane Locksmiths
  • The Best Restaurants Restaurant Directory
  • Paradise Jet Boats Jet Boating
  • O’Reillys Hinterland Accommodation
  • My Boating Shop Boating Directory

With hundreds of compelling testimonials from our happy clients This list can go on forever we have hundreds of hand written and emailed testimonials from our happy clients, but the fact remains you will never read a bad testimonial, we are the best in what we do and do not fail our clients. We guarantee that we will increase your website positioning within 30 days or you do not pay your SEO fees.

Take Action Today, to benefit from results tomorrow contact us NOW on 1300 663 664 or Int + 61 7 55809 599.

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