The Blues Continue for Virgin Blue, Down Again Just More Bad Service From Virgin

It is good to see Virgin Blue is keeping up with their bad service reputation, following the two days of cancelled and delayed flights, angry passengers and a personal apology from Sir Richard Branson, Virgin Blue has once again experienced check-in woes, this time at Brisbane Airport. Now it must be time for a please explain Sir Dick!!!

Virgin are making claims that the New Skies check-in system is responsible for this week’s dramas is once again experiencing problems. I wonder if this is the same system that is meant to deal with fequent flyer points on business class flights, because they just never award them to a Velocity account no matter how many times you contact them.

A Virgin Blue spokesperson said there was a slowdown of its technology, leading to some delays. “Common lets be honest Virgin your service is slow everywhere in most cases just does not exist”.

A Virgin spokesman claims that they are working through the system currently to get it to be as reliable as possible and to make sure that this does not continue to happen or better still happen ever again. So we’re working through that,” she told Macquarie Radio Network.

Virgin Blue has issued a statement saying reservation and check-in systems were working. No flights were cancelled as a result of this slowdown, just passengers put out by Virgin bad service. The airline had to revert to to its manual check-in procedures for passengers this morning, with normal check-in service restored a little over an hour later.

It was revealed yesterday that the airline is considering legal action against New Skies provider, Navitaire.

Surely Virgin Blue must of done their homework and reviewed the system before implementing it?

Accenture — Navitaire’s parent company —  are not prepared to comment on the service level agreements it has in place with Virgin Blue.

The fact remains Virgin Blue need to get their act together and have standby systems in place for failures, lets hope the planes do, we would hate the technology to fail 35,000 feet in the air, without a back up plan.

I think Virgin Blue and the Virgin brands nee dto go back to the drawing board and start delivering a professional product not excuses. I am sure Virgin Blue have lost many customers over this, just like they lost me as an International Business Class passenger, I tried to lodge and complaint but it falls on deaf ears, I am still trying to get my points awarded from this V Australia business class flight as well. I have now given up.

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Virgin Blue, V Australia you suck you offer poor service poor standards and nothing but excuses.

Paul Klerck

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