Fishing Charters Gold Coast The Ultimate Fishing Trip Gold Coast

With the salty wind in your face, the splashes of the white water rushing against the boat, and the intensity of the marlin thrashing on the line are all part of the insane excitement unique to Gold Coast Fishing Charters on My Boating Shop. Fishing Charters Gold Coast with My Boating Shop are the longest running fishing charters in the Gold Coast, offering the best and most affordable fishing experience for the whole family.

My Boating Shop has the fastest, most up-to-date big or small fishing charters for offshore reef, inshore, sport and big game fishing. With quality bait, rods and gear supplies My Boating Shop has everything you need for new and experienced fisherman.

Specialising in Big Game Charter fishing, Fishing Charter Gold Coast will have you fishing the marlin of your dreams. East Australian Gold Coast waters are teeming with snapper, kingfish, marlin, tuna, sharks, mackerel, teraglin, pearl perch, jewfish and cobia all waiting for the chase! If you are a keen fisherman ready to get your hands on that rod, get excited and get fishing with help from My Boating Shop!

My Boating Shop has earned an outstanding reputation within the Gold Coast fishing community for their high quality fishing charters and services at competitive prices. With professionally trained and experienced guides and deckhands, My Boating Shop will have the Gold Coast Fishing Charter to lead you to the where the fish are running, ensuring you find that unforgettable catch.

Casting a line into shimmering blue waters, sun on your back, mate sitting next door, surrounded by beautiful Australian wildlife never sounded so good! Charter fishing is a great team challenge as you share the task of reeling in that relentless big catch. Charter Fishing with My Boating Shop has the perfect corporate team building trip for your business.

Experience the local inshore waters of the Gold Coast’s rivers and canals, all teeming with Flathead, Bream, Trevally, Whiting, Flounder, crabs, squid and plenty more. Whether you are fishing inshore or offshore, Charter Fishing on the Gold Coast gives you the chance to get up close and personal with the rarities of Australian wildlife. Watch the humpback whales breach during the migrating season; the dolphins catching waves and the turtles swimming calmly in the subtropical reefs. The whole family will enjoy sharing a spot of fishing with the seagulls, cormorants, sea eagles and terns. So throw on some sunscreen and let Fishing Charter Gold Coast with My Boating Shop take you out for brilliant day on the pristine waters of the Gold Coast.

For more information on Fishing Charters Gold Coast and all fishing equipment, visit My Boating Shop today.

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