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it’s not about how much business you have anymore, it is about how much business you are loosing to your competition, it no longer needs to be that way anymore, winning the on line market and growing comes down to exposure or disaster.

Australia’s leading pay per lead seo business steps up their market share in 2015 as it finalizes a major JV alliance with Australia Pacific’s most demanded Social Media Marketing brand and reputation specialists Daniel Hayward, or awkward Hayward as I have nicknamed him, he is inspiring, motivating a bloody genius as generating more business revenue faster than anyone I have dealt with in all my years of Internet career.

Once you consult with Daniel regardless of you level of expertise you will be set straight and realize that no destination will be achieved without the right plan or map, it would be like trying to drive a big unknown city without a GPS, LOST , LOST ,LOST and time waisted this is the general case with most on line business’s operators today. Lack or fear of the way the can better promote their business leaves them out of taking their real piece of the pie and just left with the crumbs Daniel states.

When it comes to Google on page SEO infoLink IT are rated as the pinnacle in obtaining Google Top 10 results and non competitive results. Our head SEO researcher Adam Chocol cut his teeth in web design , programming and Google domination throughout Eastern Europe and the UK for more than fifteen years, these days the Polish loose Adam and we gained him and his skills he is a total asset to the company and is very focused and reliable to all our customers.

At PPLSEO we have designed and activated our very own SEO Furnace software that helps your exposure by multiple percentages as an example Dave Adams of iCoat Australia states SEO Furnace works better than Pay Per Click and increases the quality of lead and jobs we get.

Paul Klerck and his team of IT whiz kids, have this SEO stuff smashing us out the best SEO results I and now the other guys in Victoria and Perth in WA. are experiencing more qualified leads than ever before, to be honest it was hit miss before PPLSEO was introduced to us , we I love it, we love it, anyone in business needs it.

Paul is now introducing Daniel Haywards expertise to help build iCoat flooring’s reputation even further, I am happy to say that our leads of 80 too 120 per month should double once we build the Social Media side of our marketing. Daniel came across very smart, sharp and switched on, these guys should do some massive things in 2015, they are awesome ‘Totally Hollywood’

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