How to avoid the whirlpool bottomless property investing pit

Accrue Property licensed Real Estate Agent that helps you in real estate acquisition throughout Melbourne , many investors throw their dollars into a big whirlpool or bottomless pit, we show you how to avoid the whirlpool.

This is what Accrue do for you!

As a professional 100% transparent real estate agent, we negotiate and introduce the acquisition of such Melbourne properties to our clients and new clients who are interested in building property portfolios, our unique selling point is based on us introducing to these clients properties that usually never hit the open real estate market. Ground floor opportunities. The benefit of this allows our clients to obtain property in an environment without competition, this can also allow them to access property in particular suburbs of Melbourne or even particular streets within suburbs of Melbourne that may normally be overlooked or that they would not have been made aware of had they decided to source property on their own. Having the knowledge is more than half the battle won in property acquisitions today. At Accrue we bring knowledge to our clients and after all we all know knowledge is power in any transaction, we put the hard work in to get you the acquisition win. we always introduce multiple properties to our clients so that they have a clear choice and never feel pressured to buy any one particular property, when introducing any property we also provide a due diligence summary so the client can assess the suitability of one Melbourne over another property.

These Melbourne properties are always near new, recently completed, under construction or about to start construction, our clients prefer these as they usually get a higher rate of rental return, they claim a higher depreciation therefore it is more affordable to them, the properties are often less vacant, they usually do not have to spend large amounts of money maintaining them.

As a part of the service we refer our clients to Mortgage Brokers, Solicitors, Financial Advisors and Accountants before any property is introduced or any property is formally purchased, this allows the clients to have the right information at hand and allows them to make informed decisions.

Needless to say we are not a property investment firm however we only deal in and find suitable property for our clients who chose to invest in Melbourne property, the main benefit is that Accrue Property can remove you from the roundabout they can save their clients time and help guide their clients in the right direction within the complicated residential property industry.Accrue Property is like having a property partner helping you and watching over you so you don’t throw your money into a bottomless pit or a big money sucking whirlpool.

Accrue Property also have a membership program and initially when introducing property to clients we work on a fee for service arrangement, in the event the client chooses not to purchase property our fees are still paid.

In the event you chose to purchase property we reimburse this initial fee by way of services and pay the cost of the following items/benefits –

  • Conveyancing fees
  • Landlords insurance for the first year
  • Depreciation schedules
  • Annual Reviews
  • Mortgage management software
  • A tax accountant appointment
  • A financial Planners Appointment

The depreciation schedules and Conveyancing fees are paid for each time the client purchased a property introduced to them by us, we also earn a standard real estate fee applicable to the new property industry and of course that fee is not avoidable for any person who chooses to purchase property will always purchase a property inclusive of the estate agents fee.


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