Reach Local Pay Per Click Campaigns Stuff Natural Search Results

Beware of Reach Local pay per click advertising it is a certain death to your own websites natural listings. Let me explain what I mean if you have a website original content that ranks and positions well on Google that should deb enough but no companies like Reach Local insist on duplicating a website and then putting this live under there bullshit SEM marketing campaigns it is  azure frustration to real SEO firms like ours because these bottom feeders come along with their software from India and place a complete copy of the original site live so technically speaking Google deems this as duplicate content and penalise the natural listing as such.

This is not an isolated incident this happens all the time with websites and Reach Local will never own up to it but once your website started to take a hit just like our client Reach Local copy the website under a full duplicate under their URL.

So you have been warned, if you have a pay per click campaign running with Reach Local be prepared to destroy your websites natural search engine results.

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