Performance Chips For Diesel Vehicles Improve Performance and Economy

There are a numerous companies selling diesel chips in Australia & there’s a fair bit of mis-information around and some exaggerated claims so how do you know which one is best for your vehicle?

We offer you two choices – read on at your leisure OR give us a call on 1800 239 336 (7am to 7pm – 7 days)… we are passionate about chips & love helping our customers gain greater performance & improved fuel economy.

If you are going to invest in a chip then it’s worth researching your purchase – hopefully our website will help you… First of all let’s look at the different types of diesel performance chips there are available in Australia:

Resistor Chip: these are old technology. They work by increasing fuel quantity which increases power & torque but at the expenses of fuel economy.

Fuel Pulse Modules: these are stand alone units & plug directly into each of the injectors. These units alter the amount of fuel that is delivered through the injectors by manipulating the factory computer signals sent to the injectors. These provide good increases in Power & Torque but are not known for their fuel saving capabilities and are harder to install.

Fuel Rail Modules: these are the latest technology “piggy back” modules. They plug into the fuel rail and alter the information send back to the factory ECU. The module continuously calculates engine load and curve factor allowing the factory ECU to recalculate the optimum fuel volume, engine timing and fuel pressure. Tunit are the leaders in this technology which is one of the many reasons we choose the sell the Tunit brand.

A Tunit Diesel Module will improve the Power, Torque & in most cases Fuel Economy of your diesel. Some of our competitors may give you similar power and torque increases but at the detriment of fuel economy.
Inside a Tunit module is a State of the Art 32 bit microprocessor (mini computer) which continually monitors the engine’s performance & modifies the fuel injection parameters.
It works by optimising fuel volume, injector timing & fuel pressure – this process enhances a diesel engine’s performance by careful interplay of these values and characteristics resulting in its optimum performance.
On Common Rail diesels Fuel Rail pressure is increased as this is necessary to atomise diesel so that it combusts more effectively – however we emphasise that this is all done within the vehicle manufacturers pre-set tolerances.
Each Tunit module is connected into the fuel rail behind the ECU which strictly controls these functions. This is called a “piggy back” system. This is the safest way of chipping as the vehicles ECU only functions between the parameters set by the manufacturer and cannot be over ridden outside these in-built settings.
On Turbo Diesel engines the Tunit will not directly alter the boost pressure of the turbo although this may slightly increase via the natural increase in exhaust gases provided by the increased performance.


Tunit modules are adjustable: V-CR & V-VP models have a 10 setting adjustment dial so that owners can adjust the unit themselves. Zero turns the unit off – at the other end of the scale 9 is maximum. Each Tunit is set at 5 when bought – it is recommended that the unit is left at this setting to start with and only adjusted to 6 or so when an exhaust, snorkel or other modification is made to the vehicle.

Each Tunit is vehicle specific and programmed for general use however it can also be laptop tuned by us for optimum performance customised to your application, towing requirements and general use. This can be done before despatch free of charge or at a later date for a nominal charge.

When you buy a Tunit it’s a long term investment. If you sell your vehicle there’s a good chance we can reprogram it to your new vehicle alternatively we offer a part exchange program.

Fitment times: V-CR (Common Rail) models are “Plug & Play” & in most cases only take 10 -15 minutes to fit. V-VP (Variable Pump) models are wire in and can take approx 40 minutes to fit. Detailed pictorial fitting instructions come with each unit…plus we offer phone support with a Tunit technician if required. Alternatively one of our authorised installers will be pleased to do the job for you.

If you are not delighted with your Tunit we will refund you in full – just call us within 30 days of purchasing it.

Support: we work closely with Tunit Australia to ensure you have back up support 24 / 7. Give us a call to verify this! View warranty details. Our success has been created by looking after our customers who reward us with word of mouth recommendation & referrals.

Comparable chips sell for up to $1500 plus a delivery charge …some rebadge the Tunit & sell for $1450. Our price is $1280 inc GST with free freight. However if you intend fit the unit yourself please give us a call for deal.

You have a choice of hitting the “Buy Now” button or give us a call on 1800 239 336 – we welcome your call from 7am to 7pm 7 days a week.

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