How to Reduce Sound Travelling In Your Property Noise Reduction ASAP Plasterers

Are you a property investor, builder or commercial developer looking for a way to improve the sound performance of the walls in your property? There are several aspects of construction that need to be measured when considering how sound travels through a room and property including the design, users and materials.

Many builders and occupants will understand the importance of quality sound control in shared buildings including residential multiplex buildings, classrooms, commercial office spaces and hospitals. Some things to consider when designing, planning and developing a property to reduce sound transmission include the installation of sound resistant plasterboard and wall systems.

Sound is a 3D pressure wave travelling through the air. Sound passes through the air by travelling through the walls, ceilings, doors, windows and other structures in a room. Sound will take the path of least resistance, through open doors, windows and gaps. It is therefore important that the room is fitted with quality plastering and walls to reduce the transmission of sound though these fittings.

Installing high-density plasterboard will reduce the penetration of lower frequency sounds, for example deep base sound systems or machinery. Ensuring your walls are fitted with cavity insulation will reduce medium to high pitched sounds, appropriate for office spaces and private conference rooms to reduce verbal sound transmission.

For quality and effective installation of superior sound resistance and noise reduction plasterboard consult the experts in commercial wall, ceiling and partition plasterboard installation at ASAP Plasterers.

Commercial plastering can be a costly so ensure you are getting the right strength and thickness with maximum qualities in your property. The team at ASAP Plasterers can offer you expert advice on reinforced, water resistant, fire resistant, noise reduction, lightweight and economical plastering solution suitable for your property or development.

No matter the size or span of your project, make sure it is completed on budget, on time with the efficient and effective commercial plastering solutions by ASAP Plasterers.

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