All You Need from 3D CAD Design to Quality Toolmaking Supaflow Plastic Injection Moulding Brisbane

Are you looking for a professional, quality plastic injection moulding company? Supaflow Engineering has over 25 years of experience in plastic injection moulding and toolmaking. Located in Brisbane, south east Queensland, Supaflow Engineering take pride in working closely with their customers to achieve the best in quality, price and delivery of all their Plastic Injection Moulding services. Supaflow Engineering uses only the latest manufacturing technology techniques to provide a high end, quality services including:

  • 3D Product Design – turning ideas into reality using top of the range CAD and CAM packages. We take your concept and ideas and transform them into working 3D CAD models for quick quoting and manufacture.
  • Prototyping – Supaflow engineering accept all CAD file types which enable us to take your product from concept and prototyping through to full manufacture of tooling. We understand the time and financial restraints of manufacturing small parts, it is our aim to assist you with the most cost effective design of your idea. Using Stereolithography and FDM, Supaflow Engineering build a resin model for a basic fit and visual appraisal of your product.
  • Tool Design and Manufacture – Supaflow Engineering extended experience in Plastic Injection Moulds allows for highly accurate, top quality tool design and manufacture. Using a contemporary, clean working environment in conjunction with the latest CNC precision machinery, Supaflow Engineering manufacture tools and moulds according to your expectations and designs.
  • Plastic Injection Moulding Products – At Supaflow we know our plastics. We are confident we can recommend and provide you with the right type of plastic and mould design for your needs. With 18 top model Plastic Injection Moulding Machines with a clamp tonnage of 35 to 220 tonne, Supaflow can mould items up to 650 grams. If it Nylons, Polypropylenes, Polythhylenes, Acetal, ABS, Polycarbonates, Styrene or a specific material you need, Supaflow Engineering Brisbane Injection Moulding can offer you a faultless, reliable production of your designs.

If you are looking for design flexibility, repeatability with tolerances, low labour costs, little to no finishing of parts, minimum wastage with a wide range of material options, than you need Supaflow Engineering. For all your Brisbane Injection Moulding needs, with 25 years experience and high quality customer assurance, Supaflow Engineering is the plastic toolmakers and Brisbane injection moulders for you.

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