Glass Filter Media Better Than Sand For Swimming Pool Filters Try Eco Clear Today

If you are looking for better swimming pool water clarity and safer swimming conditions for all your family then you need Eco Clear glass filter media. Eco Clear is Australia’s best swimming pool fiter replacement substance over sand or zeolite.  

Eco Clear Crushed Amorphous Silicon Dioxide Filtration Media is the way more swimming pool builders and Australian home owners are now heading, with green minds and focus on the environment. Eco Clear is the best solution for the environment, your family and your pocket and is afar better solution over tradition filter media. i.e Filter Sand.

The benefits are endless no more changing silica filter sand constantly. Eco clear glass filter media will last up to three times longer than any other swimming pool filter media, this saves you money, time and is way safer including major health benefits because the bio film will not attach to the glass particles as it does to sand and Zeolite in pool filters.

Eco Clear is Australia’s best performing swimming pool fiter material. Manufactured in Australia for harsh Australian standards and conditions you can purchase from Waterjet the official Australian suppliers of Eco Clear.

For all trade enquiries from Australian Pool builders and supply companies throughout the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Cairns, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth, Darwin are now being accepted.

Contact Brent Thompson at Waterjet on 07 55 940100 or int + 61 7 55 940100.

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