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One often neglected point of sale is your on hold telephone voicing system. You have the interests of your users calling you only to turn them away by the sound of hard rock radio or competitors ads streaming through crackling static and endless waiting. Give your customers something to think about with Image On Line Telephone On Hold Messages.

There is a long way from users browsing the Internet for your product or service and getting customers to enter your store or shop front and many obstacles in between that could mean the difference between a customer or client or not.

The powers of professional On Hold Telephone Messages are very much underestimated. A lot can be said in a few simple words including:

  • The reassurance that there is someone on the line to be with you shortly
  • That you value your customer and apologise for the inconvenience
  • Reiterate the services and products you provide
  • Recommend alternative ways to contact you
  • Hours of trading or why you might not be able to answer

Voiced On Hold Messages and Phone Message Systems immediately instills a sense of professionalism, demanding business as well as a high regard for customer care. Imagine On Line Voice Messaging Systems are easily installed into an single line answer and message systems as well as large sophisticated phone systems, in one office or across multiple sites Australia wide.

Each On Hold Messaging Systems is custom built to suit your marketing strategy using a prepared script and our professional voice-over artists and sound engineers. Image On Line Telephone Voicing Services offer you the chance to boost sales by simply gaining the confidence of your customers as they hold the line.

Try Image On Line On Hold Messages for a month and monitor your caller rates and sales without paying a cent. Image On Line offer a range of Voicing Services including Phone Lines, Website Voice Overs, In Store Radio, TV, Multimedia and Jingle Branding. For more information visit or call 1300 246 243 today.

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