Oz Ripoff Extortion Pay Up Or Be Displayed Online

Oz Ripoff is nothing more than an online extortion racket, a total mock of justice they should be held accountable for the crap they allow to be published on their website.

Anybody that believes the rubbish they read online at Oz Ripoff needs to further investigate the rubbish they read. Here is the deal if you have a bad article or release on Oz Ripoff they simply try an negotiate a financial arrangement with you to have this removed.

The biggest issue with sites like OZ Ripoff is that the owners hide behind private domain name registration and have no or little concern for legal ramifications or the innocent parties they damage with the rubbish they publish.

The bottom line is these types of websites and forums need to be held accountable for their actions or the domain registrants and hosting companies need to release domain name ownership details or they can be held accountable.

They perform no investigative journalism on the people or businesses they slander they just publish, in a recent case I read up on Mark Rolton and could not believe the slanderous remarks made towards Mark, I know Mark Rolton and he is a genius in property options and does not deserve the type of negative press Oz Ripoff have displayed about him.

I have read and reviewed so many OZ Ripoff articles recently and then reviewed the online feedback about OZ Ripoff and the whole extortion claims ring so true. So be warned if you get written up be prepared to pay up or be displayed in a negative fashion online.

Oz Ripoff you are a disgrace to the online community and the Internet you should be banned and shut down. Internet Marketer is going to lobby WIPO and ICANN to have sites like OZ Ripoff closed down.

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