Noosa Dentist Putting Smiles Back on Faces of Noosa Locals For Less

Looking for a better affordable dental solutions for less talk with Affordable Smiles bringing hotter smiles to everyone from only $20 per week.


  • When you visit us, it’s like a meeting an old friend, a friend who cares for you not just a dentist. Whether it’s your first visit or for a follow up, you’ll actually enjoy coming in to see us as your dentist.
  • I don’t just do dentistry. Of course I can do smile makeovers but, let’s face it, most of us just want to look after what we’ve got so that’s what I do… good old-fashioned family dentistry.
  • I’m affordable. By concentrating on affordable dentistry, I have become efficient at providing basic dental services without fuss, with no sacrifice on quality. I couldn’t sleep at night if I didn’t provide the same quality care that I provide on my own family.
  • You don’t need be embarrassed. There are no pictures of perfect smiles in my reception to deter you. I understand that at times our dental health has had to come second to the needs of our family. So I never blame my patients when everything is not in tip-top shape.
  • Looking for the perfect smile? Certainly most people want a good looking smile (I’m yet to meet a patient who wants their teeth more yellow!). What I find is that most of my patients want a clean, natural smile… not necessarily two rows of “toilet bowl white” porcelain.
  • As a dentist, I have a duty of care to advise the best dental care for you. Unfortunately, this can sometimes be a significant investment (even at my modest fees). Now, it’s rare that all your dentistry need be done at once so I can spread your treatment (and the cost) over time to suit your budget.

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