Great Lakes Skipper eBay Merchant Be Warned You Won’t Get What you Pay For

I recently purchased a new PERKO lock for my boat it was advertised as a chrome lock so I purchased it in good faith paid the postage and what they sent me was an anodized dull metal lock that did not even open the right way.

When I contacted them they said send them some photos to verify which I did then they said I would need to send it back to them at my expense and they would send me another one that opened teh right way but it would not be chrome.

I said I would like a refund as this was not a viable option they refused so I lodged a complaint with ebay they said I would have to return it to them to get a refund. So here is the real problem I already paid $50 postage to get this defected fraudulent product here and then they want me to send it back to them before I get a refund.

One does not need to be a over intelligent to work out the eBay merchant Great Lakes Skipper sell defective fraudulent products and then hide behind bullshit eBay policies.

As far as eBay goes they a pathetic in the way the handle these issues and the way the protect con merchants and allow them to sell fraudulent products and allow them to get away with it.

Great Lakes Skipper are nothing more than American con merchants so be warned think twice before dealing with them.

I will now feature a warning about Great Lakes Skipper on Scam Monster.

Paul Klerck

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