What is Digital Printing? Gold Coast Digital Printing EcoGraphic Colour Printers

The flexibility of Digital Printing gives businesses and individuals greater access to affordable professional printing services, commercial colour printing and digital photo printing. From stationary, signage, banners, posters, weather proof labels, exhibition displays, canvas prints, floor graphics, bumper stickers and so much more, the possibilities of digital printing are endless.

Digital printing allows for affordable printing of small print runs. Digital Printing services offer professional quality finishes to images and artwork created using desktop publishing software. Digital printing services allow for quick and flexible creations of vibrant and impressive advertising and marketing material, commercial printing or personal print jobs.

What is digital printing?

Digital printing is a form of professional printing that utilises digital based technologies to print directly onto a specified media. The convenience and flexible nature of digital printing process is superseding traditional methods of offset printing that involve using manual printing plates. The Digital Printing process uses inkjet or laser printers that deposit pigment or toner onto a large variety of materials including paper, photo paper, canvas, glass, metal and more.

Traditional offset printing methods including lithography, flexography, gravure and letterpress are time consuming and costly. The technical set up and cleaning processes of the printing plates makes offset printing large print runs more cost effective. The higher cost per page of digital printing is saved in the time and money that is spent on the technical set up of offset printing plates. Digital printing is therefore more affordable for small print runs, and more accessible for individuals and small businesses.

Flexible Printing with Digital Printing Processes

The flexibility of digital printing methods allows for complete printing of full colour digital prints on a range of materials and substrates. The ability to print clear and vibrant graphics on a variety of materials and sizes without cleaning the plates for each individual design, allows you to print all your marketing material in the one place in the shortest time possible.

Eco Graphics Digital Printing will increase your business exposure and recognition with quality branding and printing solutions. Eco Graphics are a Gold Coast Digital Printing and sign business  who  offer a range of different digital printing services including stationary, posters, signage, banners, vehicle signage and custom stickers. Environmentally conscious, Eco Graphics offer a wide range of sustainable media and substrates. Although based in the Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast regions, Eco Graphics provide professional colour printing services Australia wide.

For more information on Eco Graphic’s full range of quality, affordable printing services visit www.EcoGraphics.com.au or for your Free quote call 1300 976 787 today. Give your business the best advantage with Eco Graphics Digital Printing Services.

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