Dog Boarding Kennels Brisbane Ipswich Gold Coast Sunshine Coast Increase Online Exposure

All Dogs Boarding, step up their Internet Marketing strategy with some help from the team from Internet Marketer. Dog kennel owner Soctt Donald believes in the power of the Internet, having a great looking and functioning website is only one side of the coin he states.

Why I went with team from Internet Marketer was I knew they could give me more of an online selling advantage, the great advantage I have with these guys is they are part on the InfoLink IT network which includes Website Design with InfoLink IT, SEO with Website Promotion and Internet Marketing with Internet Marketer.

It is most important hat we come up on page 1 when people Google core related keywords like Dog Boarding Brisbane or Dog Kennels Brisbane but we also needed to cover additional Search terms like Dog Boarding Ipswich, Dog Kennels Ipswich, and Dog Boarding Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast.

The team at Internet Marketer have demonstrated their abilities to me time and time again so I felt most confident and assured that my businesses future growth will continue to prosper thanks to these guys.

I am really happy with the new web design created by InfoLink IT and now that the Internet Marketing strategy is rolling out I know my online business is in great hands.

Scott Donald
Owner All Dogs Boarding
Dog Boarding Kennels Brisbane, Ipswich, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast

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