Savian Make Massive Profits But Not Paying Out Scam Alert

How can Savian Makes public announcements like the when they are screwing their original foundation members like Jodie Herbert Australia and Charles Black USA. Credible people with real morals all been conned and ripped off Savian. I got contracted be this EJ Dalius President of Saivian International to build online credibility toward Savian and its brand but months down the track the con, greed and scam of Ed and his team of cyber scammers is at it again.

As much as Savian appears to be the real deal you will end up in a squeal when you never get paid a red cent this is a scam I do not not attack anyone on anything unless I know they are filthy liars and scammers you have been warned I will continue to send teh message viral Savian is a SCAM.

Congratulations on surpassing the 200,000 active member mark! At this current growth rate, we will reach 1,000,000 active members by the end of 2017! Ladies and gentlemen, that will put us on pace to reach a BILLION dollars in sales in 2018. Rest assured, we will continue to utilize all of our resources to push towards achieving this goal on a day in and day out basis. In order to achieve this march to a billion, we will be performing some system maintenance updates starting this weekend. This weekend’s updates will include renewals, sales counts, rank, personal sales, and daily pay.

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