Positechgroup Rockwell Tools are Rubbish that Damage Your Paintwork Then Do Nothing

If you go shopping for tools give the Positecgroup Rockwell range a big miss they are total crap, anyone that trusts in shit like this will be severally disappointed in their crap range of tools. I bought several items from them Supercheap Autos under the Rockwell brand name, one of these tools was  24o volt car buffer/polisher it ripped through my paint work it burned and scorched it really badly.


I took my complaint up Supercheap Yeppon and after weeks of delays buck shoving I finally got a call from some Harry a total arrogant smart arse antagonising prick from Positecgroup the importers suppliers of this Chinese crappy tools. He told me that the problem was with me the operator not knowing what I was doing more than anything else I reminded him I had done a three year apprenticeship in a  paint an panel shop but regardless he knew better he also claimed that he worked in the industry for five years and he was also an engineer, I fail to see how him being an engineer gives him more buffing experience than me, he was so in to himself, a total know it all low class wanker. This wanker was more interested in pissing me off than fixing or helping me fix the problem.  So now I am packing all my Positecgroup Rockwell shit up and taking it back to Supercheap for a full refund and I will never step forward in their shop again to spend another dollar they can get stuffed they have n customer loyalty or support as a public company they are a disgrace.

I spoke to Thomas the assistant manager after ending my call with Harry the wanker from Positecgroup only to be treated with contempt by a person that has no idea how to deal with customer retention. I am not sure if it is the laid back attitude in Yeppoon or just his attitude not knowing how to deal with conflict in this type of situation.

All I can say to not trust cheap crappy Positecgroup Rockwell tools they are rubbish and are not worth the money you shell out on them, also see they distribute the Work brand as well and as my neighbour across the road has informed me that his Work lawn mower is also crap as it does not work.

In a world that demands a high level of customer support you think that idiots like Harry would try and remedy a heated situation not throw fuel on the fire, but it is hard to educate and smart arse idiot that knows it all.

I have received two quotes one for $2470 and the other for $2860 I would of tried to settle this with them for a reasonable contribution of $1500 toward the repairs but they are more interested in pissing me off so now I must head off to court and sue them for rectifications and damages.

After further invsigations I see that several people have had series issues with a large selection of Rockwell crappy tools see for yourself on teh consumer affairs website http://www.consumeraffairs.com/homeowners/rockwell-tools-direct.html

Paul Klerck Yeppoon

0417 629828

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