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Citadel Floor Finishing Systems, the best alternative to epoxy floor coatings has now hit the Australian market and is making big headway throughout Melbourne and Ballarat Phone Garage Concrete Floor Coatings Ballarat Melbourne 0422 668 449.

Citadel, a leading manufacturer of Polyurea floor coatings, evolved over 40 years from a mid-size installation company, to the leading manufacturer for Polyurea coatings throughout the world. This superior floor coating is a new to the Melbourne market and is marketed and installed by iCoat Melbourne.

melbourne floor coatings

melbourne floor coatings

If you have been looking for a floor coating solution let me give you the heads up on how good this product really is:

Unlike traditional epoxy floor coatings, our coatings are low VOC so they are not toxic to you or your family, our floor coatings will not peel, fade, yellow or crack. Our floor coatings are UV Stabilised, non porous, easy to clean and never need resealing. Make no mistake and do not believe polished up sales talk from epoxy flooring salesman, they are concerned because they can’t compete on price or quality. You can shut them down immediately when you ask for a warranty on their product. We give you a 10 year warranty on all residential floor coatings and a 5 year warranty on our commercial and industrial flooring.

melbourne restaurant bar concrete coatings

Years of product research and development from our US headquarters in the Midwest, Citadel is a speciality floor coating manufacturer which has developed and formulated high-end Polyurea floor coating solutions to compete against existing epoxy and urethane based floor coatings for both commercial and DIY markets.

If you wanting a floor coating that looks great and will last the test of time then contact us today to inspect the possibilities we can provide.

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