Insolvency Gold Coast Warning Alert Insolvency Cases On The Rise


This is a warning to all business owners to be careful of whom they choose to deal with regarding insolvency related matters.  With so many Insolvency cases now in progress we are witnessing many insolvency businesses opening up and surrounding themselves with false accolades and claims they belong to certain Insolvency Institutes when the reality is these operators have created these institutes to build credibility around themselves. Be very careful and do you homework before you sign any service agreement with any Insolvency company.

With so many Gold Coast companies are under ongoing growing financial stress; from their customers extending the late payment of their accounts, sparking warnings from a peak body that they risk becoming insolvent.

Janelle Manders, Gold Coast Committee chair of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, said small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) were most at risk from the delays in payments.

Account payments are being delayed “It seems to be taking about a month longer than normal to settle accounts,” Ms Manders said. “This delay is putting a lot of pressure on SMEs on the Coast.

“It is easy for directors of SMEs to be consumed by the day-to-day operations of the company and fail to notice the warning signs.”

If you believe you are company is in trouble and can’t find an answer or way out you need to contact Irish Bentley Lawyers, each day their team of dedicated Insolvency specialists are helping small medium sized enterprises out with insolvency related concerns.


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