SEO Suppliers, Who are you really dealing with to get a Google top 10 ranking

With so many SEO suppliers companies now making promises of Google SEO grandeur who can you really trust?

SEO Paul Klerck states that many seo suppliers are leading their clients up the garden path by making promises of gaining high Google rankings. The reality is Google top 10 rankings can be achieved if you understand Google’s algorithm and the updates and changes. If you don’t you are simply pissing in the wind.

Many seo suppliers play the good old smoke and mirror game with their clients. I recently came across a website that the client was having some ranking issues with the website. The website he had looked great and presented really well, but the reality was plain and simple to see. The site had no basic on page seo at all. I was surprised when I was told that his website was seo ready. SEO ready, what the bloody hell did that mean?

Now let’s take a closer look at SEO ready, the website was build on a Word Press platform and yes the web design company had included an seo plugin, so that was what they meant by seo ready. I just laughed and thought what a load of bullshit but this gets better they also said the website would be mobile friendly.

Now let’s take a look at what mobil friendly meant, could it be viewed on a mobile phone or tablet without scrolling, NO it could not but it could be viewed all the same. Seriously if you are having a website developed it must be responsive in design or it will not rank as well on Google, it is written in many forums and webmaster journals that a responsive website will out perform and position a normal non responsive website. We have tested this and yes it will. However if any web masters or designers would care to debate this I am open to discussion.

So what do you really need to get a Google top 10 ranking? you need a responsive website and a real SEO supplier with a proven track record that talks the truth not high tech nerdish BS. Don’t be baffled by nerdish bullshit, these guys really on technical jargon to elevate themselves into a position of power, when quite clearly they talk rubbish and most are not genuine seo suppliers and will not be able to get you a top 10 Google ranking.

If you want to deal with a genuine seo supplier that will get you many Google top 10 rankings then you need to contact Paul Klerck on 1300 663 664 or visit or today.



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