Legalised Marijuana Herbal Smoke The Latest Craze But Is It For You?

So you may or may not of witnessed all the press surrounding hebal smoke AKA legalised Marijuana for regular pot smokers they love the stuff but for for non smokers they can’t believe that this is allowed to be sold over the counter.

Legalised Marijuana

Here is the reality, is legalised pot any worse than all the alcohol our younger generation is consuming? I just recently returned from Bali and I have to say I find it really hippocritical with so many young Australians carrying on like animals. They hit the clubs and bars, they fill themselves up with $1 Bintang Beers and $5 Double, doubles this is a double, double shot of vodka and Red Bull and then run a muck, filthy language, fighting in the streets. I have to say on Australia Day I was really ashamed to say that I am Australian with the way the younger Aussies were carrying on.

But what I find even more hippocritical is all the drug dealing that goes on in the street, everything from Magic Mushrooms, Cocaine, Pot, Sex Enhancers, and Pseudoephedrine and the Balinese make it clear that drug smuggling carries a possible death sentence, so what about all the drug dealing done on the streets. Strange that they let this go on, yet threaten smugglers with the death penalty.

So lets revisit the reality on herbal smoke, a herb based product designed to give you a natural high, so I am really interested in what other Australians say about legalised Marijuana and furthermore all the legalised drugs that are herbal based.

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