Did HAARP Cause the Japanese Earthquakes and Tsunamis?

Well as the devsitation unfolds many are asking the question did HAARP cause the earthquakes and tsuanmis in Japan?

One must ask the question why the Fuck do the US need this technology anyway, who died and made them God? This is total bullshit and all roads lead back to the United States of America.

They constatntly preach God Bless America, so what about the rest of the rest of the word?

One has to ask what is the real purpose of HAARP? American defence dick heads need to answer. Why can’t we leave well enough alone? I will tell you because of greed and power. Who gave them the right to mess with this technology? These guys are seriously messed up.

I have to say I believe there is more to HAARP than meets the eye. Is it easier or more comforting to Americans to turn a blind eye? lets face it America consumes the majority of the world energy and everyday a new technology comes out to try and controls us or monitors us, and we all just accept it.

Wake up people we are pawns in the New World Order. Why can’t we just live a peaceful life and respect every man for his values and worth? If America really gave a shit about what happens in the world they would not have so many homeless roaming their streets sleeping in parks, they can send their children to war but not allow them to have a beer before 21.

Charity begins at home America, look after your own backyard before you keep screwing up the rest of the world.

You program brainwash your people and destoy any real values you have in humanity.

When my grandfather went to war against the Japanese he did it with integrity, today you do it with technology and conspiracy.

Pissed off Aussie…..

PS. Hey America did you have anything to do with our recent floods in Australia?

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