Commander Telecommunication Company (M2) Poor Service Disaster Service Levels Don’t Fall For Their Con Story

If you get a phone call from Commander telecommunications company think twice before you move your phone services to them, they are a disaster, they entice you over with cheaper call rates and holiday dollar giveaways “WRONG Choice” they are just as expensive or more when you way up their poor service levels and the holiday dollars are a joke you can book cheaper direct.

They have just screwed my whole business up they send my emails telling my lines would be moved on a date then that changed then I realised they said they would move my home number and Internet from one address to the other the only problem here is that this line never needed moving. Now I have no home phone or Internet, no office phones I am screwed I have to move out of my office by Thursday and I leave for Europe on Saturday for 2 months.

Anyway I have called the TIO they have prioritised it considering Commander (M2) say it will now be the 29th before my lines are active, hello people that will be nearly 1 month since the request went in it was requested 2 weeks ago. This is 2013 not the dark ages but Commander run their business just like the dark ages. How does it take one month for some tech dude to come out and switch 4 copper wires over? I just found out that my Bother Brett has also experienced similar problems with Commander in his real estate office they screwed his line hunt up and 3 months later the issue .

My advice to anyone that is considering Commander DON”T if they call you hang up if they know DON”T answer. Commander (M2) are a joke their business model is poor when it comes to customer service. At least with Telstra you know they will act when you get pissed off Commander just don’t answer their phones.

Paul Klerck
InfoLink IT
President of AWSDA

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