Australia’s Worst Airline “Jetstar” Flight Delays Bad Service No Customer Care

Jetstar Australia’s worst airline. Jetstar are not just a low cost carrier they are a low service provider in every aspect. No care, consideration or appreciation towards their customers.

Sure, most people will accept that flights can be delayed and the repercussions on from this can be ongoing. What the biggest problem is is that when Jetstar know they have a problem they try to defend it by intimidating their customers with ‘accept this or go without’.

I believe that Jetstar have an obligation to their customers to deliver professional, courteous service without passing the buck and playing the blame game.

My children booked flights from Australia to Hawaii as a Christmas present for me and my wife. Today as I sit and write this post we should be sitting in around a swimming pool in Hawaii; but no. We are all sitting in Mecure Airport hotel Sydney waiting to get out of Sydney to begin our holiday.

To read the full story about Jetstar and their bad customer service standards visit:

I can not understand how Jetstar have one awards fro best customer service you try and contact them when you have an issue or a concern it is pointless, you get put on hold for more than an hour I tried yesterday for 1 hour and 14 minutes and then gave up.

What is the worst airline in Australia? Jetstar is Australia’s worst airline.

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