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For many Australians dental has become an expense many cant afford whilst remaining a necessary evil. As Australians we know that affordable dental procedures has been a luxury only affordable by the wealthy end of our society, up until now. Welcome Dental Members Australia a dental membership service that is putting dentistry patients back in front of dentists via a creative affordable dental plan.

Affordable dental care begins at DMA.

  • Prevention Care Plan from $1 a day
  • 40% off check-ups
  • 10% off all other treatments
  • Treatment Plans for more complex dental work
  • You keep your insurance rebates
  • Extra savings for Families
  • Interest free
  • No credit checks

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At Dental Members Australia we have recognised that most people wouldn’t mind a brighter or straighter smile, it’s pretty rare to find someone who actually enjoys visiting the dentist, even for basic cleanings. More than one-third of Australians did not see a dentist in 2013, For many, the discomfort of having a veritable stranger taking metal picks, tubes, scrapers and other dental tools to their wide-open mouths is too much to comprehend. And given the country’s ever-tightening financial waistband, there’s another aspect of seeing the dentist that’s equally daunting: the bill at the end, this is guaranteed to have you grind your teeth and leave a sour taste in your mouth.

Those who have visited a dentist — or considered it — in recent years know that even the most basic dental procedures can be quite costly. Dental fillings can range from more than $100 to nearly $300 each, depending on the size of the filing, while more invasive and time-consuming procedures like a crown or molar root canal go for about $1,000 per tooth. Even the standard clean and scale can drain the pocket dry.

There are a number of reasons why dental procedures are so expensive. Firstly, services are performed by trained professionals. Dentists are doctors who go through many years of college, dental school and specialized (read: expensive) training. Like many other professionals — lawyers, accountants, expert mechanics — dental services are priced accordingly.

So with all this in mind Dental Members Australia have come up with a great dental solution that will put a smile back on your face. Visit them today at Dental Members Australia affordable dental procedures are closer and easier on your budget and your smile.

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