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There are those days when all I think about is finding next day to take my boat out. I don’t have to tell you, there is something about being out there; removed from all my responsibilities and worldly obligations. It’s just me and the water. It really is a powerful idea, it doesn’t matter where I am or what I am doing, but when I am rocking on the great crystal blue, I’m home.

Unfortunately in order to get on the boat on the weekends, I have to spend some time working away on land. In an effort to continue living my boating dream I had to get a little bit creative. That was how I stumbled across My Boating Shop. This place is pretty clever; it has everything I would need to continue my boating fantasy without leaving the office. Perfect!

You can find any part you need. Buy it new from the great selection of new products or, my favourite, check out the Classifieds. You can buy or sell your own boating gear or marine and fishing equipment and know it’s going to a good home. Get the best information and product deals with the leaders of the boating industry. My Boating Shop can get you in touch with the specialists for marine electronics, fabricators, mechanics and equipment dealers. This massive network gives you access to the best products, catalogues and info for the biggest brand and names including Evinrude, Suzuki Marine, Yamaha, Honda Marine and Torqeedo.BoardSE Motors.

It’s a completely Australian owned portal backed by Aussie manufactures who know what we need for our waters. With a huge range of boats including aluminium boats, bowrider boats, sports consoles, runabouts, mutli-hill, ski and wake boats as well as sports fishing vehicles – My Boating Shop knows everything there is to know.

My Boat Shop was a great resource when I was shopping around for a new outboard motor. I was able to find an accurate model fitting my manufacturer’s specifications and power requirements. It had heaps of info on selecting the right engine shaft length and propeller so that I wasn’t left out of pocket. Trailers, engines, radars, LCD screens, lighting systems, thermal imaging – I can spend hours on My Boating Shop, making additions to make my own boat that little bit better every time.

They also have safety gear, anchoring and fuel systems so there is never any fear of being left stranded or in danger. This is a great peace of mind for the kids, who are now at the age of taking the boat out with their families. I’m pretty sure I even saw my wife checking out Rheingold’s Interior’s On Water boating interior showcase. My Boating Shop has everything for the whole boating family.

Check out My Boating Shop, this place is perfect for all boating enthusiasts, novice and expert. It’s also great for boating businesses and boating distributors who can sign up and advertise quality products or services. They are always wanting more distributors, so get involved in this great resources and community.
Everyday’s a good day for boating.

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