Accrue Real Estate Highlight The Importance of Home and Building Insurance

Home and building insurance is important when investing in Melbourne Real Estate says Accrue Real Estate.

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Getting the right Home and Building Insurance can be the difference between being properly covered or barley covered at all.

Home and Building Insurance can save you allot of headaches

Buying or building a house is a huge investment, so it’s worth spending just a little extra to protect it. If something were to happen to your home and contents you don’t want to have to dip into your savings to fix it. Consider taking out home and building insurance, so you will be prepared if the worst should happen.

Protect the roof above your head

Structural damage can become very expensive to fix. Comprehensive building insurance not only covers the main structure of your house, it applies to permanent fixtures like garages and pools. Building insurance is not just sensible; it’s often compulsory for taking out a mortgage or home loan. You should check what your policy covers if your home is completely destroyed. Otherwise supplementary costs such as alternate accommodation and removal of debris could sneak up on you.

Cover your belongings

A home is not just bricks and mortar. You might be surprised to learn how much the items inside your home are worth. Once you’ve added up white goods, appliances, technology and treasured possessions, it can represent a significant amount. A home and building insurance policy should cover the contents of your home from unexpected damage or loss, including theft and vandalism.

Be prepared for natural disasters

Comprehensive home and building insurance can protect you from nearly everything nature can throw at you. When looking for a home and building insurance provider, read the fine print when it comes to natural disasters. Choose a policy that suits you. If you are in a fire or flood-prone area, ensure you get adequate coverage.


Home and building insurance can save you a lot of emotional and financial stress later down the line. Get the peace of mind of knowing your home and belongings are protected with a comprehensive home and building insurance policy. To find out more talk with Accrue Real Estate Today.

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