Graffiti Cleaning Products Non-Toxic Biodegradable Graffiti Removal Products

As toxic as Graffiti is on our environment as it spoils public building and disfigures personal property; removing it doesn’t have to be. Graffiti Spray Paint is simply paint that is dispensed as a fine mist through aerosol can by the use of liquefied gasses that atomise the paint. Graffiti Spray Paint consists of Pigment, Solvent and Propellant which unite to create an impenetrable force for most household cleaners.

A Brisbane company, Graffiti Enz, tired of being on the losing side of the vandals, has developed a Graffiti Cleaning Product that is tough on Graffiti Spray Paint but delicate on underlying surfaces and the environment. Without harsh elbow grease Graffiti Enz Environmentally friendly Graffiti Cleaning Products remove most types of graffiti from most surfaces:

  • acrylic painted surfaces
  • signs with vinyl lettering
  • stainless steel
  • painted brick
  • vinyl particle board
  • tiles
  • marble
  • stone wear

Remove Graffiti easily and safely with Graffiti Enz range of domestic and commercial Graffiti Cleaning Products. I know the feeling of coming to work in the morning only to be faced with a Graffiti tag on my fence or my business sign or my building. My actual building! In times gone by my blood would boil as I scrubbed at the wall. As the repeat offenders tagged over my cleaning I became disheartened and simply painted over the area. To no avail, the tags reappeared. I have since discovered Graffiti Enzs Graffiti Cleaning Products and the ease to which I can remove the tags makes me laugh at the vandals who think they are defeating me!

Graffiti Enz Graffiti Cleaning Products contain heavy duty Graffiti Removal Chemicals that are everything Graffiti Spray Paint isn’t:

  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Non-flammable
  • Bio-degradable
  • Water soluble
  • non-toxic

Ha! Graffiti gone! Graffiti Enz Graffiti Cleaning Products for Domestic Graffiti Removal and Large Commercial Graffiti Cleaning Jobs are available at any Supercheap Auto store or simple order online.
Graffiti Enz Graffiti Cleaning Products: As Non-toxic as Graffiti is Toxic.

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