The Key To Tantalis by Michael Klerck

The Key To Tantalis, a Kids Fantasy for ages 9 to 12, in a true typical Narnia style adventure story, I read it and was fascinated. Hey and I am not 9 or 12 either – I am 42 and it just goes to show that a great story can satisfy all age groups.

When Martin Fields is nine years old, he and his father bury a special box beneath the old oak tree in the family’s backyard. The Latin inscription reads Stultum est timere, quod vitare non potes. His father explains that these are words of great meaning and courage: It is foolish to fear what you cannot avoid. Now a tragic car accident leaves his father dead and Martin paralyzed. Martin realizes it is time to open the box, but strange things begin to happen when he lifts the cover. Inside, he finds a key and a note that says “Tantalis.” He and his best friend Dominika begin to investigate and are transported to the special world of Tantalis – a land inhabited by trolls, fairies, dragons and evil creatures known as Inkwish.

Once there, Martin learns that the creatures of Tantalis need his help. His loyalty is torn between Dominika and this world of Tantalis, and he faces threats from Diablo, the leader of the Inkwish. Martin learns the truth about dragon flight and that one ancient legend on Earth might not just be a story told through the generations, but is in fact a reality that reaches out to demand the utmost of him … and almost kill him.

This is not the fantasy world of cute dragons and elves as Martin might have expected, but a very real world that is under threat, and one that he is asked to play a part in saving. He almost loses his life when the evil Inkwish learn of his importance, and becomes torn between loyalty to his best friend and his world back home, and the mission he feels compelled to complete in Tantalis itself.

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