Scam Monster Dont Get Ripped Off Rip Of Report Dob in a Con Man

Scam Monster launches, if you have been ripped off or know of a rip off or scam then dob in the bastards. With the Internet growing faster than the speed of sound scammers come out of the wood work. Holiday scams, Nigerian scams, lottery scams, 419 scams, US Army scams, Zoltan Horvath scams. With scammers picking of their marks they pray on the good nature of most people.

Scammers try and become friends ith the people they rip off only to hurt, decieve and scam. Scam Monster has been set up by Paul Klerck after he got scammed by Zoltan Horvath a Hungarian rip off merchant. Zoltan solt Paul Klerck accommodation and airline tickets for himself and 35 of his clients and friends for an Internet SEO conference to be held at Koh Yao Yai Village in Thailand and Christmas, New Year 2010/2011.

Paul has been scammed by Zoltan Horvath and the resort run by The Treasury Village Group for more than $120,000 he will not stop until he brings justice to these bastards.

The Treasury Village Group run and operate Koh Yao Yai and the Phi Phi Island Village Resort.

If you have been ripped off or rorted by some smooth talking salesman or scammer then you need to dob them in now at

Stuff all you scammers your days of ripping people are long gone.

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