Accrue Real Estate Melbourne

Melbourne based investment property specialists release two new Accrue Real Estate website one as Accrue Real Estate Melbourne and the other Accrue Real Estate Vic to help property investors to become better informed of property investment opportunities.

Visit or to find out more about the Melbourne Real Estate market.

Accrue Property The Knowledgeable Way

Accrue Real Estate Victoria is all about fair trading when it provides it products and services to its clients states Jeff Grochowski. We want to prepare our clients with a wealth or knowledge and understanding when it involves property investing.

Accrue Real Estate are not property spruikers, nor are we a wealth creation company states Jeff Grochowski. We simply source, negotiate and introduce property to our clients after they have decided purchasing a property for investment purposes is right for them, all this is done under a fair trading system.

 At Accrue Real Estate we tailor direct property transactions to match the specific needs and objectives of individual clients. By providing an efficient and tested property introductory service, we work side by side with our members to ensure that they avoid common property mistakes and aim to minimise risk as best as possible
In addition to providing expert property advice, we also consult with our affiliates in the financial planning industry to ensure that our members receive the latest professional and trustworthy financial assistance.
Accrue Real Estate’s Director, Jeff Grochowski holds a corporate real estate license within Victoria and is a member of the Real Estate Institute of Victoria (REIV).

We will help potential investors to navigate the mine field of investment decisions and save you time by connecting you to the right industry professionals.

As Melbourne’s leading consulting companies in the property and financial related industries. We refer our clients to a “black book” of accredited service providers, so they are assured that they are in the hands of experienced professionals without having to go and do all of the research on their own first.

In short Jeff states we empower our clients to make informed investment choices, now what could be fair than that?




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