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Roofing materials are an essential consideration when building a new home; property or development. Choosing what type of roofing material means taking into consideration your location, climate, project design and of course – aesthetics. There are many types and brands of roofing materials treated for the purpose of roofing.  Dress your roof with wood shingles, tiles, corrugated metal, slate or my personal favourite Asphalt Roofing Shingles.

Asphalt Roofing Shingles are becoming a more favourable roofing alternative due to their affordability, durability and flexible nature. All these are factors are great considerations, and for some people your roofs durability is top priority, however, in my opinion there are two major factors that come into play when choosing roofing materials for your new home or development: how it looks and how much it costs.

Aesthetic value of your Roofing Material is completely subjective. The key is choosing a roofing material to compliment the architecture and building material – or perhaps if renovating your roof, you might also want to consider the surrounding landscape. All these factors often contribute to a certain “style” of your home. Brick homes are commonly suited to tiles or slate Roofing Materials with a variety of harmonious colours. Wood shingles add a very Victorian or distinctly British picturesque feeling to your home. Alternatively, corrugated iron is increasingly popular in modern Australian homes with a distinctive light weight, beach living style. Asphalt Shingles offer a more traditional roofing material solution that is increasingly applied to contemporary rendered homes and projects as a result of its simple, clean, quality appearance.

The cost comparison between roofing materials is what usually drives home owners and builders to their roofing decision. Factors that affect the cost of roofing materials include the total area to be covered; the labour costs of removing the existing roofing or preparing the roof for new roofing materials; guttering and siding; and the weight bearing considerations for extra support. Different roofing materials will come with different warranties, most ranging between 25-35 years. The more expensive roofing materials include Natural Slate and Clay/Concrete Tiles. The cheapest roofing material remains Asphalt Shingles. Not only does Asphalt Roofing Material cost less per metre, is can be installed quickly and seamlessly and its durability and protection values far outweigh any material costs.

Come rain, hail or shine asphalt roofing shingles are the lightweight, energy conserving, cost efficient alternative to traditional roofing materials. The versatility of asphalt roofing shingles has all your roofing needs covered giving your home protection from Australia’s harsh weather conditions all year round. Able to withstand severe heat and exposure to fire, bitter cold and 177km/hr winds, complete water resistance, Australian asphalt shingles are the suitable for any roofing project.

For more information on Australian Asphalt Roofing Materials visit or call 0413 742 745 and learn about the smarter, better roofing solution for your home.

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