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If you have heard of Soft Fall wet pour rubber and synthetic grass then you have probably heard of Pro One. When it comes to the supply and installation of Soft Fall rubber Pro One are number one. Softfall is ideally used in playgrounds as a rubber safety surface.  It is a far more practical option especially over worn grass, paved, bitumen and concrete surfaces where vigorous play and the occasional tumbles might be expected, such as areas where portable play equipment is used, bike paths and school courtyards.

Pro One supply and install Soft Fall wet pour rubber playground surfacing reight across Australia although we focus mainly on the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and South East Queensland. Pro One Soft Fall range comes in a large variety of vibrant colours to suit any application or location. 

Pro One’s highly trained and experienced staff can assist you with choosing colours to compliment your area.  Also available is a large range of stencils such as flowers, logos, letters and numbers to add another dimension of play to your area.

Pro One rubber is extremely versatile as a Soft Fall and can also be used in childrens’ playgrounds, gyms, weight rooms, golfing and pedestrian thoroughfares and equestrian centres.

ProOne uses a unique shock pad system that has been independently certified to ensure exceptional quality and consistency at all times in applications.

Once we have pre prepare the site location, we lay a base of crusher dust which is thoroughly compacted.  We believe preparation is the key to a perfect finish.   Shock pads are then laid to ensure correct impact attention.   The shock pads are secured together and coated with a Soft Fall top coat (or wear layer), this is the cosmetic portion of your project bringing colour and life to your new rubber surface.

The combination of prefabricated and quality control of the stock pads means customers can be assured the product will perform as intended after installation and will avoid problems with inconsistency and surface deterioration that have traditionally occurred with traditional wet-pour and loose laid tile systems.

Pro One’s unique seam joining system enables extensions and repairs to surfaces to be carried out quickly, neatly and without adversely affecting the integrity of the Soft Fall product.

Pro One are specialists in the supply and installation of wet pour rubber and synthetic grass, sport and safety surfacing on the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, South East Queensland and nationally.

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