Tamborine Mountain Accommodation With a Difference “The Castle” at Lisson Grove

If you have ever ventured up the mountain to the very very top of Mt Tamorine then you may or may not of come across a very exclusive but affordable accommodation provider? Let me introduce you to something very different almost a royal setting fit for any King and his Queen “The Castle” is located in the lush evergreen gardens of Lisson Grove.

The Castle on Tamborine is nothing short of spectacular with no expense spared on any aspect. From the time you arrive you will be taken back in time centuries and as you cross over your very own private draw bridge and through the big double timber doors you will not know or realise what awaits you. Well anyway I will give you a hint, luxury and something that will just leave your draw dropping as you experience a feeling of comfort and yet excitement. You really do feel like royalty and hey trust me your host Nick and Cheryl Charmichael will treat you like royalty.

Lisson Grove stands out from most traditional accommodation providers on Tamborine Mountain because it provides hinterland accommodation with a difference. Themed cottages set in beautiful flowering gardens all designed to give you a peaceful relaxing stay when visiting Tamborine Mountain.

Stay at Lisson Grove Hinterland Accommodation or The Castle on Tamborine when you next need Tamborine Mountain Accommodation.

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