Dog Obedience Training A Positive Online Dog Training Program

Help your dog meet its full potential with K9 Master Class Dog Obedience Training. From simple dog training to rectify bad behaviours, to encouraging and enhancing good behaviours, dog obedience training will not only teach your dog valuable behavioural skills it will build your relationship as leader and valued friend.

Simple dog obedience training can help you with excited or angry barking, chewing and pawing, digging, toilet training and anxiety. You can learn how to control your dog when in public, when walking and giving commands. As well as create boundaries within your relationship as master and within your home.

K9 Master Class dog obedience training course has been developed by leading dog training specialist Scott Donald. Scott, having worked as a professional dog trainer within the Australian police and defence forces, saw the need for basic dog obedience training within the Australian home. Having witnessed the aggressive nature of dogs, whether taught or learned, Scott was determined to develop a dog obedience training program built around building the trust and attention of your dog using positive reinforcement as opposed to harsh or aggressive treatment that might come readily to frustrated dog owners.

The K9 Master Class dog obedience training course utilises what Scott has defined as the SOX Method. This dog obedience training technique works from the principle concepts of obedience training by gaining your dogs trust before developing finer skills. Understand why it is your dog misbehaves and correct the behaviours effectively, efficiently and most importantly – permanently.

Scott will argue that effective dog obedience training begins with developing strong, positive leadership qualities in order to create a solid foundation for learning and teaching. Each dog obedience lesson plan is fun and easy to follow with step by step dog training videos and printable worksheets to refer to at all times. Be positive and the results will come without you even realising.

Share the learning experience with your dog and watch your relationship develop and grow. K9 Master Class dog obedience training can be understood and implemented by all ages and it a great family activity. Get rid of incessant barking, chewing, digging and dog anxiety once and for all with K9 Master Class dog obedience training.

Explore the range of dog obedience lessons, videos and worksheets at today or simply order your copy, or download instantly. Have a lifetime of love and affection between you and your dog with dog obedience training that actually works.

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