Gutter Guard Better Fire Prevention and Protection For Australian Homes

Why should you have gutter guard installed? Gutter Guard will help protect you gutter from becoming blocked from falling leaves and flying debris. When guters become blocked this can create all types of issues including rusting out of gutters and down pipes.

The other major benefits include fire protection or prevention if your home has been built in a high fire risk area then you may fall victim to bushfire hazards. Let’s look at some of the major bushfire disasters we have witnessed over the years especially in South Australia.

Lets face it there are many major contributing factors towards bushfire infact anything that burns can be recognised as fire fuel. Litter and rubbish on the ground leaves, branches and twigs stuck in gutters of homes. Dry undergrowth (shrubs, grass, seedlings), trees and other vegetation, structures (such as houses) and any other miscellaneous objects in the vicinity; gas bottles, piles of firewood and other debris left laying around properties.

Wind speed and humidity levels are ranked higher than temperature in terms of dangerous bushfire conditions. It established that low humidity is the largest factor in determining whether dry-lightning (lightning that occurs without rainfall) will cause a fire, but once alight, wind speed is most likely to influence a bush fire. Many homes and buildings catch on fire when embers and fire sparks fly through the air land on roofs and ignite in household gutters.

They say prevention is better than cure the same applies to fire, a better way to protect your family home from high fire risk is to install a quality gutter guard system. With many gutter guard systems available it is important to get one that deflects debris and does not melt if hot coals or ashes land on them. You can get DIY gutter guard kits or you can get an authorised installer to install your gutter guard for better peace of mind.

Weather is a major contributor to bushfires. The hotter and dryer, the more likely it is for a bushfire to start and spread uncontrollably. South Australia and Melbourne have been victim to some of the worlds worst bushfires. Dry weather, high winds will reduce humidity, and cause an ongoing bushfire to spread more rapidly. Most bushfires start in the afternoon, when it is driest and hottest.

We urge all household owners to take precautions with protecting their homes with cleaning around their homes and installing a quality gutter guard system and you may also want to consider roller shutters as well window shutters can also protect your home from exterior fire damage by repelling the flames and heat.

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