City Crematorium Farewells Dreamworld’s Mohan White Bengal Tiger

Mohan, Dreamworld’s White Bengal Tiger has been cremated by Pets Rest in Peace. The team at Toowoomba’s Pets Rest in Peace was selected to cremate Dreamworld’s famous white Bengal tiger Mohan, which died last month.

Pets Rest in Peace have cremated pet dogs, cats, birds, horses, rats, mice, snakes, donkeys, a chook, a turtle and now a 180kg white tiger.

Mohan, whose name meant charming, was known as the King of Tiger Island and one of Dreamworld’s first tigers.

He was 17 when he was put down due to incurable kidney disease.

Pets Rest in Peace is owned by husband and wife Beric and Sue Lees, and operated with the help of Rebecca Howard.

Mr Lees said to be chosen to cremate the famous tiger reflected the growing reputation of the Toowoomba-based company.

“They must have had faith in our procedures if they’ve chosen us to do it,” Mr Lees said.

“I don’t know if we’ll ever experience anything like it again.

“It’s just so rare to have that opportunity.

“It was amazing.”

Since starting in Toowoomba five years ago, Mr and Mrs Lees have gone on to open a new, state-of-the-art crematorium, the only on the eastern seaboard capable of cremating large horses.

They have also earned a status as one of Australia’s most professional and caring pet crematoriums.

Mr Lees said his approach to pet cremations was no different to how he worked during his 20 years as a funeral director.

The pets are handled as if their owners are in the room and every animal cremation is personalised.

“We’re not only cremating pets, we’re looking after people,” Mr Lees said

“We deal with pet lovers, not pet owners.

“Often, the pet is part of the family, like one of their children.”

Mohan’s ashes will be returned to Dreamworld and buried on Tiger Island.

If you need the professional services of pet cremation then visit Pets Rest in Peace today.

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