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Vodafone, has to be the worst mobile phone company without doubt. It is obvious that they have bastardised their network. Mobile phone drop outs constantly. Try making a call and see how many times it drops out. I make regular phone calls to Aaron Joseph of Netbiz Enterprises and vice versa and on average during a 5 minute phone call we will have no less than 6 drop outs between us.

Now here is the real joke, try contacting them through Laura (their automated phone broad) after you sit waiting for more than 23 minutes  (yes 23 minutes!), surprise-surprise –  drop out! So what do you do? Call back again. After another 14 minutes yet another drop out. All you hear is bad music and interference through your Vodafone mobile phone handset.

Seriously how the hell can multi national companies like Vodafone continue to charge customers a massive premium for a service that continue to fail to provide to their customers. The smart mouth sales people flog us mobile phone plans that are fraudulent because they do not work as offered or stated.

Seriously, Vodafone it is not hard to see why Australians have had a gut full of your Vodafail approach. As a mobile phone company you really do suck with bad reception, bad service, constant drop outs. With call centre operators out of India that can’t understand what I’m saying and phone support that is so bad I might as well give up.

I urge all Australians that are experiencing the Vodafail experience to ring TIO and lodge a complaint:

Hours: The TIO’s office hours are 9am to 5:30pm Monday to Friday, Australian Eastern Standard Time (Victoria and NSW time)

Telephone: 1800 062 058 for enquiries and complaints
Switchboard telephone for admin matters: +61 (0)3 8600 8700

Very Annoyed Vodafail Customer

Paul Klerck

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