Telstra Australia’s Worst Customer Sevice For Business Owners

Telstra Australia’s Worst Customer Sevice For Business Owners.

Buyer Beware of doing business with Telsta.

For months now I have been trying to resolve Telstra issues with my account manager Ashley Cox and his his boss Adrian Parfitt but still no phone calls or emails. Telstra advertise that they care about helping businesses out well this is nothing short of false promises.

Telstra needs to fire account managers that fail to meet their customers expectations.

Once again I tried to have my issue resolved and this was a copy of the emai sent to Ashley Cox, Adrian Parfitt and Jason Law from the Telstra Customer Service team yesterday afternoon and once again it has been ignored.

As the Director of InfoLink IT I have has now signed a 3 year agreement with Arrow Voice and Data a Sydney based telephone company. Paul is happy to be dealing with real people that care and to date he states he has had nothing but first class service and call charges that blow Telstra out the water. Although the call charges were not the reason for changing provider it was all due to service or more so lack of service and care shown by Telstra.

—–Original Message—–
From: []
Sent: Tuesday, 28 June 2011 2:53 PM
Subject: URGENT! Business Broadband Modification for Interactive Entertainment Australia Pty Ltd (Call Reference Number 1071261842)

Hi Ashley, Adrian and Jason,

I’m contacting you after speaking with Paul Klerck who is the authorised representative for Interactive Entertainment Australia regarding the modification of Business Broadband N7717216R which is urgently needed.

This is part of an ongoing Questus complaint (Reference Number 1071158264) which is still being processed but is also being logged with the ombudsman. Paul stated he is dissatisfied with the lack of service he has received and lack of commitment to actioning callback promises. Because of this dissatisfaction Paul stated he will be moving his business to another provider but would like to resolve the matter of this connection.

Paul stated he was advised by the ombudsman about a 500GB for $80 plan that should be available to him and needs assistance in getting this request placed and completed. As stated before Paul expressed dissatisfaction with being unable to get in contact/callback from his account executive and one-up manager, would someone please be able to call him on 0417629828 or via email.

Thanks for your assistance and time.

So as you can see Telstra are really bad and share holders must be really disappointed when they read this type of article, it is no doubt why Telstra share prices continue to plummit.

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