Solarution Solar Scam Hotline 1300 663 303

Solarution are helping out victims of the Cleaner Energy scam and the Pastor Steve Jones solar scam. If you have become a victim of the hard sell and deposit rip off then we may be able to help.

We are working with the victims of these solar scammers to help them get their solar installed and up and running without additional out of pocket expense.

Solarution are commercial solar specialists that have big purchase power so we have been able to negotiate a better deal with our solar panel suppliers and inverter suppliers. One of the main concerns we have witnessed is solar panel and inverter quality being offered by these rip offs was a criminal.

Solarution will only supply and install top quality solar panels and inverters as we have to guarantee our workmanship. We are not a company that takes short cuts we are a company that prides ourselves on quality workmanship and high install standards.

Contact Solarution on 1300 663 303.

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